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She was trying to intimidate her... with a knife. Reiko had to stop herself from laughing. Something about the absurdity of this girl wielding her little knife and trying to act all menacing made the smaller girl want to laugh despite the situation. She didn't even feel the need to hold her gun up any more. Her arms hung loosely at her side, the firearm in her hand, but the finger of the trigger. Another shiver went up Reiko's body. She needed to get out of that water, and fast.

"You're nothing like me." Reiko retorted to Jackie's most recent verbal assault. "Sure, maybe you got lucky, once. But that doesn't make you anything like me."

Of course it didn't. It made her a better person really. Sure, she killed someone, but for all Reiko knew it was an act of defense. Hardly something she could be held accountable for. She could probably use that to her advantage as well, pull the sympathy card. Get people on her side to protect her. Not like Reiko. Reiko had that chance. A chance that now lay somewhere on the island, rotting. Whatever, she was probably better off alone. She sure as hell wasn't going to be teaming up with Jackie.

Reiko raised the pistol again, this time quite deliberately pointing it at the other girl. "I suggest you move bitch, before I add you to my little pile of corpses I got going over there."
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