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"Yeah," Liz said. She seemed as surprised as Belle, and for a little while neither of them moved. Belle, for one, had no desire to piss Liz off--she had the gun, after all, and anyways she was going to need Liz to help her if she was going to escape.

Although the burns on her neck...

Belle was saved from having to think anymore by Liz herself. "Oh, yeah," Belle said weakly. "No, I..." She trailed off as she realized that the other girl was barely standing, teetering back and forth, and while the gun was still in a position to shoot her Belle didn't care. She had done too damn little on this island, she had, after a week, finally found some(thing)one that gave her a sense of purpose and she was not going to let her collapse in this darkness.

"Yeah," Belle repeated, taking three quick steps and slipping in under Liz's shoulder to keep her upright. "Hold on." She maneuvered Liz to one of the walls and laid her gently against it, pulling her bag off her shoulder and digging around for food. "I ran out awhile ago," she continued, just trying to keep talking, to stem off worry or thought. "But some, uh..." She swallowed. "Some of the people who..." She faltered again and shook her head. "There was some stuff left," she said. "I took what I could."

She offered Liz a slice of stale bread.
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