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Saul kept close to the ground, debating on what to do next. The sound of the gunshot still rang in his ears, filling his mind with the annoying high-pitched noise. 'What do I do? Do I make a run for it, or remain here out of sight?' He decided on the latter option; jumping up to run away from the scene was only going to expose him to the unknown gunman. Maybe only for a couple seconds, but in this kind of environment, a couple seconds could be all it took to score a kill.

And now someone was crying out loudly. 'Oh God, did someone get shot then?' Saul feared, feeling a shiver work its way along the length of his spine. There was a delay between the gunshot and the shouting, but Saul couldn't explain what caused that. He didn't want to think about anything pertaining to the gunshot anyway.

He quietly grunted in discomfort, realising just how uncomfortable the fake pool ball felt in his jacket, digging into his abdomen as he lay on his front. He reached in his pocket to retrieve the toy, yanking the black sphere out with a hard tug. During the earlier panic though, Saul had perspired a lot more and as a result his palms and fingertips were slightly damp with sweat. Enough for him to fumble with the magic 8-ball and drop it. Under normal circumstances, Saul would've been able to pick it back up straight away and stuff it away in his pocket or bag.

Saul, however, was perched at the top of a slight slope. And he could only watch in horror as the ball immediately started to roll away from him, gathering momentum as it went. "Shit, shit!" Saul hissed, desperately clawing at the ball but only swiping at thin air, the toy eluding his grasp. It picked up speed and rolled towards a source of light at the bottom of the slope, which was currently illuminating two people positioned between it and the mascot. One of the two looked to be kneeling down, the other was lying down on the short grass. 'Wait a minute...'

There'd been a gunshot just moments ago, and someone had cried out quite loudly. Nobody should be able to sleep through those noises, not even the heaviest of sleepers. So why was this person still lying down? Saul put two and two together, and cried out, completely forgetting about his 'weapon'.

"Oh my God!" he shouted, then immediately clasped his hands over his lips as if trying to cram the words back into his mouth. 'Oh shit, way to draw attention to yourself!'
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