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Jasper-Declan listened in silence as Alex explained what had happened to him. So, he had been shot. Just that thought made his gun feel heavier in his hand, making him doubt its purpose yet again. Certainly it's not for this. My best friend is now missing an arm, he can never play his guitar again, because he was attempting to help others. That is...so exceptionally like him. He smiled inwardly. I wonder...who did it? Who shot Alex? And...how was his arm amputated...?

He shuddered, possibly for the first time in his life.

That must have been so painful.

But he put on a neutral face again to listen- "It's Hayley. She's killed two people so far. The first one... she said was unintentional. But now she's done it again," Alex said, and Jasper-Declan nodded attentively. He remembered the girl, Hayley, she had been present at the majority of Alex's...shall we say get-togethers. She had always seemed nice enough, but the crucial fact to remember at this junction was that Alex had...shall we say feelings for her. Jasper-Declan could not understand himself- he was, best he understood it, at least mostly asexual- but he knew that she meant a lot to Alex. Which was why her murdering two other students was so upsetting to him.

Jasper-Declan could comprehend the thought process of normal people. It just usually took him a while.

"She might be playing. Thea might be right. But I can't let her kill her."

Ah, so Alex is staying with her to prevent her from hurting Hayley. That is quite...heroic of him. Does he have a weapon? I do not see one and I doubt he could do much with one without his right arm. How does he expect to convince Thea? With words, I supposed, but the vengeful seem nigh impossible to talk down. Perhaps that's what this gun's for.

He opened his mouth to sp-

"Wait a minute. Just where exactly did you and Alex get the idea that I was going to kill Hayley?"

The girl, Thea he supposed, went on for a while, and Jasper-Declan just looked at her in blank-faced confusion. Nothing she was saying was making very much sense at all. Where on earth would she get the idea that we are bloodthirsty? I have said nothing about her killing Hayley, and neither of us have harmed anyone. Alex appears to be attempting to create peace. And why would one ask to have their arm amputated if there were other options? Why would one get oneself shot on purpose only for sympathy? I do not understand. This girl is incorrect.

He waited patiently before speaking.

"I...do think this is a rather large misunderstanding. Neither I nor Alex have any inclination to harm you or anyone else. I am under the impression, in fact, that Alex is attempting to prevent further bloodshed."
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