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(Mirabelle Nesa continued from The Middle Children of History)

She's caught her break when she'd stumbled onto the first of the destroyed cameras.

A quick run to the Sawmill, rifling through the bags of the fallen. Some of those crappy, cardboard-tasting rations; some of the water, as yet unopened; and then, quick as she could, off across the island, hunting.

She had to here somewhere. And Belle had to find her.

She moved with desperation, with anxiety, with hope and fear. If she'd been killed since the Morning Announcements, Belle was well and truly fucked. She couldn't think up something like this on her own; she didn't have that kind of skill, that kind of knowledge. She needed someone who did, and someone who had used it successfully before.

She needed Liz Polanski. She needed someone to help her through.

She lost them, for awhile--she found one, then two, then three, but then she lost them, and she couldn't find a single one. She ran frantically here and there, trying to find something, anything, that showed her what she needed to-

She found an entrance to the Tunnels, and without a second thought she descended into the darkness.

There would be time for thoughts of Samantha Ridley and Garrett Hunter later. For now, she was going to get out, and Liz Polanksi was going to help her do it.

The tunnels were labyrinthine and intricate; she could see and feel nothing. She turned on her flashlight without a thought for her own safety; she ignored the two bodies she found, stepping over them.

She had been content to fight. Now that contentment was gone; Samantha Ridely had taken it from her. She was going to live, and Liz Polanski was going to make that happen.

There was someone there. Someone not dead.

Belle stopped moving.

She was wearing all black. She had metal in her face. She had severe burn marks around her neck. And she was pointing a gun at Mirabelle.

Belle recognized her. Seen her in the halls, they'd shared a math class.

"Liz," she said, and as she said it something burst in heart, a warm something she hadn't felt since she'd stood over Garrett's unconscious body all those days ago. "You're...you're alive."

Drink in the reality. She'd actually found the girl she was looking for. She had, Samantha Ridley to the contrary, actually done something right.
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