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[[OOC: Sorry for the super-special-lateness of this post.]]

“Hey Dustin, what’s wrong."


Oh, right, other people. They were things that existed. Dustin had been on his own, in the goddamn dark, for long enough that hearing a voice that wasn't him talking to himself, or Danya on the loudspeaker, was kind of disorienting. He felt himself flinch at the sound, but he pulled himself back quickly. After all, that was a female voice, and fear was unattractive. So was the blood that had soaked through his daypack, for that matter. Fuck. Well, I've gotta roll with the punches, right? After all, I've got everything else going for me. He looked towards the source of the voice...

...And wasn't disappointed. It wasn't a girl he knew, not well at least, her name was...something with an M, he thought. They must've shared a class or something. But she was cute, cute enough anyway, wait, her mouth was open for a fraction of a second and were those braces? That was...it was doable, it could be worked around, it wasn't like Dustin had any right to be picky right now, though sudden, horribly painful mental images danced through his head. Wait, did she say my name? She knows who I am...not that that's difficult. Whatever, might as well say hello, try my luck, all that.

He walked closer to her, a charming smile forming almost unconsciously on his lips. "Why, hello there, sweetheart. Nothing's wrong, not a thing, just didn't quite expect this tunnel to take me..." He gestured around vaguely. "...Here. You know my name, apparently, but what's-"

"Hey! Dustin!"

Well, that voice sounds familiar.

"Hold that thought," he said sweetly at the girl he'd just met, and looked up towards the sound of the new voice.

Just as I thought.

"Garry!" he called back, genuinely happy to find someone he knew, someone else from the team, out on this godfucking rock. He had a couple of people with him, some dude he didn't know and a girl who he...also didn't know, but who looked inexplicably familiar. He blinked at her for a moment before turning his attention back to Garry, grinning.

"Dude, how've your last few days been? I've been having a blast, you know, running into dead bodies, all that. Awesome time. What about you, you don't l-"

Wait a sec.

His brain went back a few minutes.

"Jake Crimson painted the ground after taking a hit from Garry Villette. Took a while too."

Dustin blinked. Blinked again. And said, rather stupidly-

"Wait. You killed someone?"

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