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Tabi froze once again when Clio grabbed the gun. She had it pointed at Ivan and he just...stood there. It felt as if the air had been sucked out of the room. All that was left was Clio, Ivan, and Tabi.

Clio was saying something, but Tabi could only make out some of the words. The rest was a murky haze. Then, Ivan was sent to the floor, reeling in pain. A squeak escaped her lips she covered her mouth. Clio didn't focus on her though. Instead she just continued on talking to the Russian kid.

Tabi found herself spurred back into focus. Ivan was going to die unless she did something. She had to get Clio to leave!

The rollerblader scanned the floor once more, trying her hardest to supress the pounding in her head. There was something fuzzy in the distance. It was metalic and so far as she could tell, it looked like it was a pistol. One of the pistols that Clio had used to threaten her.

She stretched out her arm, and was able to ball a fist around the handle and drag it to her knees. Tabi slowly lifted up one leg and tried to prop herself up. The spell of dizziness returned to her once more, but this was not the time. She couldn't let Ivan be killed. Not because of her.

Groaning as she propped herself up to her feet Tabi found herself fighting against another spinning world. She fought back and made the first step forwards. He legs were wobbling in complaint and her head hammered again and again.

Clio now had the gun against Ivan's head. She was running out of time! She stopped walking towards the two of them and she lifted the gun against up to her chest and pointed it at Clio.

"C-Clio!" she screamed.

Clio had turned to look at her and seemed frozen. She kept her gun pointed at Ivan. But now, all the attention was focused on her.

Tabi's arms were shaking as she held the gun. She was holding a gun and it was pointed at someone. This wasn't something normal. Never in her life had she expected to hold a gun at all. And here she was.

"P-please...let him go...I want you to leave...I-"

Tabi gulped, trying to keep her arms straight. No matter how hard she tried, she could not keep them still. Her trigger finger though, did not move an inch.

"I...don't want to fire this... P-please..."

Clio did not move at first, instead, she just grinned, and then a low rumble started. The rumble became a laugh. A laugh that caused Tabi's blood to turn into ice.

"You can't fire that thing," Clio said never breaking free from that unflinching grin, "Can you? I'd like to see you, of all people, try and take a life."

Clio then lifted the shotgun from Ivan's head, pointing it at Tabi's chest. The sweat slipped down her face and her breath began to falter. This was not how it was supposed to happen! It was supposed to be like Imraan. The two of them were supposed to make it out alive. They were all supposed to part ways and nobody got hurt.

Tabi had no response to Clio's retort. She was still standing there, quivering. Was Clio toying with her? Tabi was going to die now. She was pointing a gun at someone who had killed, how many again? It wasn't going to matter now. She had hoped that Ivan could escape. She hoped against hope that Ivan would be safe.

"What the ... Clio?"

Tabi's finger slipped...

There was a bang...
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