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The surprise Raidon might have had at his heroic gesture was somewhat mitigated by the push which followed it. Raidon was not very heavy, so Mizore's push not only got him off of her but also slammed him against the wall, hitting the place on his head where he'd fallen with special force.

A burst of stars, multi-colored sparks flaring in front of his eyes as darkness encroached on the edges of his vision. Mizore was stepping out, over and past him. He stayed where he was for two or three seconds, hearing only the pulse of his rushing blood and the hammering of his heart in his chest. He didn't want to get up, he didn't want to think; the idea of sleeping (and he'd had so little sleep) was so tempting, he almost lusted after it...

Not yet.

His eyes, which had been slowly closing, sprung open.

You've come too far to die now.

Ignoring the new wash of pain he got to his feet, scooping the gun up from where it was on the ground. He took a moment to breathe and listen; he hadn't heard a gunshot when she'd left the bathroom, and as the fog of darkness and agony left him he realized that they were talking to each other, just outside.

You don't lack for boldness, do you, Soryu?

He stepped out.

The bathroom was just off the stairs, and within two seconds he could see to their bottom. Soryu was at the top, sitting on the banister. She really did look pretty, he noticed distantly--precariously balanced on the verge of a nine foot drop, bright and alive even through the dirt on her face and clothes.

At the bottom of the stairs, light streaming in from the open door behind her, was Victoria Logan, gun in hand.

You were right from the beginning. You couldn't trust them.

He lifted his gun and fired--two rounds in quick succession.
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