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((Sorry Dee, I need to skip, to save Mike from the inactivity))

That one part of Mike's inner self which was responsible for his self esteem, just got pumped up to the maximum level, as the girl he encountered praised his plan. No one knew if it would really work, but it was good to know, that yet another person appreciated his work.

And then, the girl vanished in the massive arms of the black guy (apparently a long time friend and/or lover), while Cisco Vasquez decided to ruin the Pole's good mood a bit.

Oh good old Cisco... First to complain an mock, last to do anything worthwhile. It was fine, when they were battling for the first goalie spot in a soccer team, because that was a motivation to work harder and shut him up by showing who's the boss, but right now, his comment was just irritating, with no good sides hidden inside.

"What am I doing Cisco?" Mike's irritation easily leaked from his voice. "Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to get out of here. I'd rather take the chance and risk dying for that, rather than sit on my ass, and hope for one to two hundred chance to be the sole survivor. Especially, since I'm not going to..."

The Pole stopped at that point. He was going to end his sentence with 'kill anyone', but then, something he dismissed earlier came back to him with full force. He heard the announcements. He KNEW that Cisco recently joined the 'elite' group of the island killers. Was that his current plan? To kill them all, starting with Mike?

He took one step back, ready to run at the first sight of the ill-intentions from his rival.

"Actually, no... Scratch that. You better tell me, what the fuck are YOU doing. I heard the announcement..."
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