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((Saul Fetteralf under new management and continued from "Can You Hear Me Now?"))

'This really sucks.'

Saul was alone once again. In the confusion and panic at the cellphone tower, Saul had somehow got separated from Sapphire, and no matter how much he looked or backtracked as close he could to the tower, he couldn't find hide nor hair of the girl. She was gone. 'Great, that's the third person I've lost now...' Saul lamented. First was Cyrille, who went and got herself killed. Second was Garry.

Saul didn't know what to think anymore. Garry had killed someone. His friend. His best friend. And now according to Danya he was a cold-blooded murderer who left someone to die in a slow and painful manner.

'Garry... what happened? Why did you kill that guy? Was it self defense? Was it...was it?' All those questions buzzing around in his mind only spurred his desire to meet up with Garry once more, if only to clear things up. He didn't want to believe what the bastard had said over the announcements. He knew Garry, probably more than every single living student on the island, bar Garry himself. Yes, the guy loved werewolves, wolves and that kind of horror stuff, but he wasn't evil or anything. He was quite a decent guy once he got to know him, quirky interests aside. 'Did I know him well enough though?'

And then...


"YAHH!" Saul instinctively screamed out and dived to the ground, placing his hands over his head and squeezing his eyes shut. The magic 8-ball inside his jacket pocket pressed painfully into his gut, but Saul ignored the uncomfortable feeling. That had been a gunshot, an honest to goodness gunshot and it was LOUD. Ergo, it had to be close. VERY close. 'Holyshitholyshitsomeonehasagunandtheycouldbefiringitatmeeeeee!'

Saul cowered for a few moments before daring to lift his head up from the dirt. 'Is it safe...?' Saul wondered, looking around in the darkness and then deciding to lay low for the time being.
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