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It had actually been about what, thirty, sixty seconds since he'd left the house? Simon felt a little bit like a coward as he leaned by the side of the house and took a sip of water, but then again, he also felt like Odysseus: when the Trojan War started, Odysseus pretended to go mad to avoid getting into what he felt was nothing more than Menelaus getting all spastic because his wife cheated on him. Likewise, Simon had done what might have been the cowardly thing by walking out, but he would only get in the way and risk getting a bullet in the process. So far, in fact, nothing had happened meaning that there was some sort of standoff or everything had been resolved ...

Thump. Thumpthump. Thumpthumpthumpthump. Thump-thump. Simon quickly choked down the water he was drinking when he heard the thumping that seemed to go on inside the house.

Clack-clack. Clack. Quickly, he (against his better judgement) went over to the door that he had left not even a minute ago. Didn't have to. There was already someone there, picking up what looked like a shotgun. Not like any of the ones he had fired at Scout camp, though. The one coming to grab it, though, did look quite familiar. Clio was taking possession of the shotgun.

"Well, that was fun, wasn't it? I especially like the bit where you thought you could get away with everything you've done to me, Ivan, that was really the highlight." Clio stepped forward. Oof. Thump. Simon stepped towards the doorway, taking sight of the events unfolding: Clio was holding the shotgun to a blond guy, who was on his knees, in obvious pain.

"But now it's over. You've lost. Once I'm done with you, Tabi's gonna be a piece of cake. I mean, I don't even think anyone else would bother with killing such a pathetic, whimpering, waste of a girl. Why did you even bother with her anyway? You could have just of easily found someone who wasn't so worthless."

Clio held the gun steady, and pointed the barrel directly at the blond guy's head ...

"Oh well. At least she'll be in great hands with me. I'll give her your regards."

"What the ... Clio? What's going on here?" Simon spoke up, now almost fifteen feet directly behind her.
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