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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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So close... he had been SO close to ending the nightmare. There was no victory to be found anywhere on this island, but a false taste of the elusive concept had been inches away from his fingertips multiple times. Instead, the Jackhammer had fallen into the eager hands of Clio and, with it, any chances Ivan had of living to see the next sunset.

The pain that shot up from his crotch through to his stomach, festering in the pit of it, was acute and... to be flat out, it sucked. It was nothing, though. Absolutely nothing compared to the feeling his heart became pressed under when he realized this was it. Clio had won, Ivan had lost, and his failure meant that he was to be executed on his damn knees like a dog. Not even a day ago, he had been at the mercy of Imraan before finally coming to terms with him. Some force was necessary, but everybody walked away from the situation. That was what mattered... he survived, Tabi survived, and even Imraan survived, leaving everybody free from the guilt that each of them had been sure to bathe themselves in. Well, except Tabi.

Or did she have some guilt? Maybe for relying on Ivan so much? The boy kept his head down, squinting in pain and staring at Clio's feet as she tauntingly asked why he had associated himself with a girl like Tabi. All the things she said were fairly true... Tabi had been fundamentally useless from day one. He had been shot once protecting her, she weighed him down with emotional baggage after he killed Keith, and thanks in no small part to her, he had been reduced to a complete wreck at least once, so why the hell did he travel with her in the first place? Why the fuck did he even keep her around after she had shown herself to be nothing but a load?

I really don't know why, but... looking back... I'd do it all over again.

He would not dignify Clio with a response. No tears came, even if there should be plenty to cry about. Not about dying... shit, the way things were going, that didn't seem so bad, but in his falling, he had brought Tabi down with him. Furthermore, he never did get to say his full goodbye to Louis, and there was no sense in asking Clio to allow him to do so. She wouldn't give him the chance to possibly get back up and attack her, stealing away her victory. So, the only thing Ivan could do was stay on his knees like the defeated boy he was, staring at the girl's feet.

Goodnight, Ivan..
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