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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim frowned very deeply when one of the girls ran for the other, shouting her name all the while. The one who was telling them to go away was named Alice, apparently. He would have took more careful note of that, but there was a streak of worry running through his mind. That girl, Bounce was it?, was worried that Tim would shoot. And Tim definitely wouldn't shoot, not at three girls who didn't seem very antagonistic. They weren't waving weapons around, they weren't shouting threats. They just simply told the boys to leave them alone, and here Tim was, playing the bad guy.

He wasn't bad. He was just scared, but it was no excuse now. He wanted to take it all back and yell that he was just kidding or something. But brandishing a gun would be a damn cruel joke.

Raising his gun in the air and shaking his palms in a show of, "I totally didn't mean that!" he began to shout, "No, no, wait! It's okay, I won't shoot, I-uh!" He swallowed hard and took a huge step back, his face turning slightly red. This was so dumb, he hadn't meant to freak anyone out like that! He was going to get himself killed alright, and it was all because of this stupid gun. It wouldn't be like that if he had a sword or binoculars or something...

Colin shouted at him to put the gun away, and Tim was surprised because he'd never heard Colin use an expletive before. It was sort of amusing, but not really, since his frantic, loud voice held a great deal of truth. Why the fuck was he holding the gun? Like, seriously? It all seemed so stupid. Ugh. "Y-Yeah, I'm so sorry!" Tim shouted, trying to make his eyes hold an apologetic look, but, mostly, his eyes just looked frantic and panicked. With a smooth movement, Tim slipped the gun back into the waistband of his pants and held his hands out to show that he was no longer armed. He didn't think that his gesture would particularly fix anything, but it was a small gesture, all the same.

Colin managed to surprise Tim again, his voice snappy and sharp as he sternly asked if Tim had a plan. Once again, Tim put his palms in the air and shook his head slowly, his eyes floating down to stare at the hard ground beneath him. "No.. No, forget it."

Once again, he wanted to apologize or turn around and walk away, but something kept his feet glued firmly to the ground. His eyes turned up and looked at each of the girls in turn; it all felt so nightmarish. Everyone was stuck in place, and if Tim was a painter, he was sure that this would make for a very tense and beautiful painting. It would be called "Stare" and the painting would just be four girls and three boys staring each other down. One particularly blonde boy was holding a gun, and one particularly... Wait, what? Vic was holding a gun too! How long had she been holding it?

Now Tim's paranoia felt a little justified, and he was about to reach back and grab his gun, but before he could even think about it, the armed girl threw her bags off, took off her jacket, and ran off. And Tim felt completely at fault. Would she have left if Tim hadn't took out his gun? Did Tim just lose Bounce's group a member? "Wait!!" he shouted, but it was too late. She was gone, and it just made him feel even worse.

He sighed and faced Alice. Apparently the two girls before him hadn't noticed Vic's scramble to safety, and if they had, they weren't showing any sign of it. Alice made a demand, and Tim wasn't foolish enough to disobey twice. "Put your gun away and go back the way you came."

Tim swallowed hard and nodded. "Okay. Okay, okay." The next part, he said in a much softer voice. "But I wasn't going to hurt you guys, I'm sorry." A pause, and he looked over at Jacob and Colin, his face sunken in and shadowed. "Let's just go."
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