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Jasper had had quite the little adventure. As he often did, Alex had to wonder if his friend was all there. He wondered on what level the events of the island were affecting him. He almost didn't seem to care.

"You’re unbelievable you know that. UN-BELIVEABLE.”

Alex shut his eyes for a second. Didn't she see how she was giving the cameras just what they wanted?

"What about yourself...? I should like to know the set of circumstances that left you so...left-handed."

Alexander looked up again and chuckled. "I've been trying to get a group together to try and figure out a way off of this island. I've got a few ideas, but no know how to back it up. So that means reaching out to people. One of the guys I reached out too was maybe less than a little stable. Tried to take out Charlene. I caught a bullet in the process." he said.

He sighed softly. "That girl, the angry one. Thea." he said, pointing slightly, keeping his voice down. "She's out for blood. Her boyfriend got killed and she's after the one who killed him."

He'd mentioned to Jasper how he'd felt about the girl in question. "It's Hayley. She's killed two people so far. The first one... she said was unintentional. But now she's done it again."

He sighed and looked down. "She might be playing. Thea might be right. But I can't let her kill her."
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