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Every punch just seemed to get weaker and weaker, until it registered with Clio that she wasn't making contact. Before she knew it, Ivan had thrown a weak kick at her side. Nothing much. What she didn't realise, however, is that it gave him leverage.

Her body fell to the side, clattering soundly off the wall. A particular point in her back, one that took it bad when falling down the stairs, jammed into the skirting board of the wall.

She let out a pained yell as her injuries fought against her mind, their screams echoed. She couldn't, nay, she wouldn't pay attention to them when someone had to die.

The Russian crawled across the ground, towards his gun. Clio didn't waste time here, since she saw an inadmissible threat to her wellbeing, and given her experiences, that was saying something. She couldn't just ignore the pain, but Clio tried to, stumbling over to the crawling figure on her weak legs and tackling him once more.

As the two went flying over the gun which Ivan so desperately wanted, Clio felt herself collide with the floor again, and the echoing return. The Russian was struggling, just wanting to get that gun, but Clio wasn't about to let that happen, not while she still had purple in her hair. Her arm worked its way around his neck, tightening. There was no way, no way in hell she could kill him this way, she wasn't that strong, no way. There had to be something else.

Her foot nudged itself against the dormant Jackhammer on the ground, as she tried her best to grab onto Ivan.

Without her even realising it, her foot jerked upwards.

Adrenaline does amazing things to the human body. Whether it's people who've been able to lift cars, or make fools of the laws of physics, it works its magic whenever it needs to. Somehow, Clio's foot snagged under the shotgun, and at that moment, her foot was aiming towards the door. So when she flicked it, it went flying momentarily in the air, but instead of landing and clattering...it hit the floor on its end, and started towards the doorway of the house.

She saw the shotgun hit earth the second time, and she took that risk. She pushed Ivan towards the opposite direction, and did her best to run, past everything that was happening, and towards that fucking gun.

Every step twang of pain, but before she could get her hands on it, it went out the door, down the steps to the street. The girl smiled. Perfect opportunity here.

Clio grabbed the door, and slammed it shut. Without a moment to lose, she sprinted forward towards the stationary Jackhammer, and wheeled around with it in her hands as the door opened.

And there it was.

The perfect opportunity.

Ivan stood there, hands in the air.


at her mercy.

"Well," Clio started, her grip tightening on the gun in her hands, keeping it well aimed at Ivan's head "That was fun, wasn't it? I especially like the bit where you thought you could get away with everything you've done to me, Ivan, that was really the highlight."

She strode forward, and with one swift motion, her expensive sandal making another groin her bitch, and bringing him to his knees.

"But now it's over. You've lost. Once I'm done with you, Tabi's gonna be a piece of cake. I mean, I don't even think anyone else would bother with killing such a pathetic, whimpering, waste of a girl. Why did you even bother with her anyway? You could have just of easily found someone who wasn't so worthless."

Clio held the gun up to her chest, and placed the barrel at Ivan's head.

"Oh well. At least she'll be in great hands with me. I'll give her your regards."
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