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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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Vic looked back at the sound of running feet. There was no dead body, no blood splatter on the wall, so it was pretty clear she missed. That was...good? She wanted Raidon dead, and she didn't want him dead. Hell, maybe she just didn't want to be the one to do it? Well, if that was the case, wish granted! He was still alive, and so was the chick he was with. Good shootin', Tex!

They were both still alive, so where did that leave her? Aside from standing at the foot of the stairs and staring at the gun with wild eyes, that was. Maybe she should run? She fucked up, take that as a sign? Besides, she didn't really want to kill anyone, did she? No, no, this was just an ill-planned accident, one that she'd like to forget about as quickly as possible. Raidon hadn't killed Alice, and going after him wouldn't do anything to assuage her guilt.

She should...she should leave. She should get the hell out of there. Raidon had a gun too, and he'd no doubt be looking to get her back. Despite everything, she didn't really want to die yet. Not that there was anything else she could do, but she didn't want to die. Self-preservation started to kick back in and she took a quick step back, holding the gun toward the stairs just in case.

God, she was so stupid! What the hell was she doing here anyway? Raidon hadn't killed Alice, that asshole back in the square did. It should be him that she went after. Not to say Raidon was innocent, but he was from the person she wanted. She took her shot and she failed. Might as well move on, instead of trying again. So long as he didn't recover quickly enough to shoot her, that is.

Fortunately for her, or maybe unfortunately if ended up delaying her until the guy with the gun came back around, the girl called after her first. Vic wheeled around, the gun settling in the girls direction. She would say on the girl, but after her first try...Still, the girl didn't look armed. At least in her experience, people with weapons were fond of showing them off. They guy on the beach, Raidon, the prick in the town square. All the same, Vic kept backing up.

"Just, stay away from me, alright? I wasn't, I wasn't trying to hit you." Wasn't the gun supposed to make her feel brave? Wasn't it, like, power in one small container? If that was true, why was she still so scared? The girl didn't mean her any harm, that much was obvious. That didn't stop Vic's hand from shaking, or her heart from racing. "Look, I just want to leave, okay? I, fuck, I really don't want to try shooting anyone again."
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