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Evelyn's reaction was exactly what he had expected. The shock and betrayal in her eyes was enough for Staffan to crack a small smile. It only got better when she started to beg him.

"Please what," The Swede barked, "Please don't hurt you? Please don't do anything to you because you're Nik's precious girlfriend? Fuck Nik, and fuck you too."

Staffan aimed another kick at the girl, hitting her in the thigh.

"Do you know what it's like? Everyday I go to that school and HE is the big hero. No one notices me. Everyone worships Nik and the ground he walks on. You...you were the worst. Drooling over him like he was a steak. I'm done with being in his shadow. I'm going to show everyone that Nik is nothing but a coward, and when I win Evie, everyone will know I am the best Kronwall brother."

Staffan lunged on top of the girl forcing himself into a mount position despite her screams of protest. He grabbed her by the chin and turned her head in each direction.

"See...no big hero going to save you. No one to give a damn about you dying."

"Very wrong brother. Very very wrong."


((Nik Kronwall continued from: Fountain of Youth))

The side of Nik's gun cracked off the side of his brother's skull, causing Staffan to roll off to the side.

"Evelyn MOVE!" Nik roared as he pointed the gun at Staffan.
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