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What had just happened? She must have noticed either the fourth party, or given the way her head had snapped round, Tiffany had come out of her cover and been spotted. Either way, Quincy now had a gun pointed straight at his head. He moved his hands high and wide to show he was not being a threat, just as he had seen so many times.

Inside, he was furious. How could he have been so stupid? He should have just taken a quick shot at her before he had been noticed. He'd already killed once. What would one more be in the scheme of things? He could have shown Tiffany that he was not to be messed with, shown all of them. Instead, he was trapped here, his own gun still tucked in the back of his pants, and him unwilling to move to get at it for fear of a bullet to the face.

Worst of all, the bitch hadn't even known anything about Felicia. He'd blown it on a long shot, and had nothing to show for it. If he got out of this alive, he was sure that he'd find a way to smooth things over with Tiffany, but it might take some time. In the meantime, he just had to hope that either Gunslut would lose concentration on him enough to make a move, or that Tiffany was going to somehow come to his rescue. Either way, he was stuck waiting for somebody else to make a move.
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