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"Noticed that now, did you?" Raidon asked, laughing a little. "Noticed that after you finished kissing it?" He lifted up the injured hand to show the missing finger, uncovered and somewhat raw. "Guess I know where your focus was."

Why was he being so spiteful? Why so much hate? Was he even angry? Was he even offended? Was he just scared?

"I tried to do it without hurting anyone," he said simply. "One gun's not gonna give me the edge on this island, not like when there are killers like-"

Like Maxwell Lombardi.

He broke off, swallowing, his vision going hazy with rage. Lombardi. Maxwell Lombardi. The man who'd shot Simon down, well, Raidon would see how long that-

"I tried to get their gun," he said simply. "And...and once I'd tried, I couldn't..." If he'd walked away, he would have been shot. He was sure of it, absolutely sure of it, you couldn't trust other people, except if he was absolutely sure of it than why was he working so desperately to justify it to himself.

"Shot one of them," he said slowly. "She's not...she hasn't..."

She hasn't been on the Announcements yet.

"I don't think she's dead," he continued. "But things...things got very hazy." He rubbed at his head. "And this part of me, this...I couldn't have..."

Couldn't have trusted them, but did he really have any proof that-

The concussive blast of the bullet shattered all consciousness, all doubt and fear. The bullet bit into the wall next to him, sending hard flecks scattering across his cheek. He reacted without thinking, hurling himself to Mizore and wrapping her arms around her. His eyes flickered to his right; there were slots in the railing, whoever their assailant was only had to move to fire, they could only have come from the door, they didn't have much time-!

He grabbed Soryu, hauled her to the bathroom, ignored his arms groaning in protest and the scream of fire that worked its way out from his pinkie the moment his grip tightened around her.
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