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"H-Hey!" Celeste shouted, taking a few running steps forward, as if to follow Kayla. She stopped, however, for two reasons. One of which being Kayla had already vanished, and the other being that if she ran off without paying Pandora, she'd never get out of the tunnels. "Shit," she swore, hands balling into fists as she slowly turned back around, walking back to Pandora. "...So I'm right in assuming that the 'I won't look for you if you run' rule applies to Kayla too?" she asked, one corner of her mouth twitching upward, her tone sounding as if she was trying to joke but not quite making it.

Damn it, Kayla! Is this revenge for me leaving you the last time? Because you really coulda chosen a better time!

Celeste let out a noise like a growl, bowing her head and tugging at her hair. "Well, fuck!" she snarled before looking back up at Pandora. "Now what? If you won't go find her, can you at least let me outta here? ...You still get payment." After a moment of thought, she sighed and added, "Even the amount I promised before she ran."
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