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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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((Aislyn McCreery continued from Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?))

Aislyn stalked along, trying to keep to the shadows. It was so hard to be quiet. Everything in her wanted to scream and rage at the unfairness of the situation. She had put her trust in the other girls, only to be let down at every turn. Every hesitation. Every glance out of the corner of their eye. It might have been better had they just openly attacked her instead of trying to be subtle about it.

She would have preferred a fight. She could have just kicked the shit out of Samya and Melissa. They would have been no problem. Felicia has some fight in her. Plus, she was a healthy girl. She might have given Aislyn a run for her money. Not that Aislyn wouldn’t have put her down, but it wasn’t something she was looking forward to. Whatever. Their loss. I don’t know how much time Dad will be willing to spend finding the others once he gets here. Evacs need to be organized or else people get to swim home. That’s just how it goes.

The comforting darkness of the shadows was quickly falling away as she approached a large, open area. She crouched down, plotting her movements to limit her exposure. From her current position, a quick dash to the trees. From the trees to….

Wait a minute. Were there people under the tree?

There were. At least two, possibly more in the area.

Narrowing her eyes, she settled in to see if they had noticed her back. After several moments without movement, she decided that either they were sleeping or no longer among the living. Either way, their supplies were fair game. Shit happens when you don’t set a watch.

As silently as possible, she started forward. The setting moon offered little in the way of illumination, but she wasn’t about to throw away her best advantage by busting out her flashlight. Besides, at this point, the flashlight would only make her a target for any semi-competent shot.

Her heart raced as she slipped into the tree’s shadow. Not wanting to give whoever was on the ground an open shot, she kept the tree’s trunk in between her and her targets. Aislyn pressed her back against the rough bark of the trunk, listening for any sound that would signify that the others noticed her.

No sounds broke the still night air.

Relaxing a bit, she cautiously crept closer to the people. All thoughts of taking their supplies fled her mind as she realized that the sleepers were, in fact, dead bodies. One male and one female. There was something about the female that seemed very familiar. Unable to leave the girl’s body face down, Aislyn took a deep breath and steeled herself for what she would have to do next.

Bracing herself, she worked her right foot under the corpse’s torso. A deep breath later, she grunted as she forced the body to roll over. “Oh holy hell. Carol,” Aislyn moaned softly as she knelt next to the fallen Stagette. She dropped her head to her chest as she squeezed her eyes closed, willing herself not to cry. There would be time for crying later, after.

Even though she knew she should be moving, Aislyn silently sat alongside Carol’s body. She was so tired. There wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t sore or didn’t ache. She wanted to be strong because the strong survive. But it was just getting harder and harder. She didn’t want to end up like Carol or Samaya or any of the others who had fallen here, so far from home.

Then don’t. Don’t be like them. They were soft and look what it bought them. You’re right. Only the strong survive because only the strong have what it takes. Your body can withstand way more punishment than this. It’s not a physical thing. It’s all mental. It’s about mental toughness. It’s about keeping in all focused towards the goal. Are you focused? Or are you gonna sit here and piss and moan about how hard it is? Her father’s voice echoed in her head. If you’re gonna sit here and *cry*, then you might as well just lay down and kill yourself. Not ready to do that? Then adapt, overcome, and improvise. If it was easy, they all would be doing it.

“Adapt, overcome, improvise,” she repeated as she pushed herself to her feet. Dad was right. She needed to get refocused on her goal. Since the other girls were with her when she stashed supplies, it was more than likely those stores were compromised. Priority one was to rebuild some equipment drops, focusing on getting more water.

Wiping at her eyes, she noticed that neither bag was there. She couldn’t really fault someone else for having the same idea. Turning her head, she spotted another person at the bottom of a hill. The moonlight reflected off the puddles of blood around the body. At least this time, she didn’t have to wonder if he was sleeping or not. And in a stroke of luck, his bag was alongside the body.

Cautiously, she trotted down the hill. Making a snap decision, Aislyn squatted next to the corpse and began rifling through the bag.
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