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Can you hear me?
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And Aaron responded, going on about how there were killers afoot and they had to do something, anything, to get them out of their way.

And oh look, that Milo guy tagged along, valiantly defending her position and reminding Aaron not to run off and scare everyone like that. Oh wait, that wasn't what happened, he just yelled at her to shut up like she was a dog who had been barking for nine hours straight.

Aileen's fists clenched as she scowled. Yes, Aaron had a point. Yes, they were murderers. Yes, they were probably plotting something. But... you know, the best way to get on anyone's side was to shoot at people and run off in a panic. Obviously. Seriously, what number of things could go wrong? It wasn't like anyone could die, or that the killers now have more of a reason to hunt you down if they weren't shot, or that yet again, people could get lost.

"Aaron..." she shouted. "That doesn't mean you can scare my ass to the moon and back by doing what you did! That girl, whatever the FUCK her name was? She was RUNNING AFTER YOU damn it! You were lucky that her leg seemed hurt! Otherwise... otherwise..."

No more words came to her mind. She wasn't happy, to say the least.

Also, where was Lily? That... that wasn't good. Did they get her, too? Shit, shit shit shit. She didn't want her to die... what if Lily never made it out? What if Rob or What's-Her-Face got her? They might have gotten Richard as well. What if they did? What if they...

Aileen was going to cram that hammer down their throats if they hurt any member of their team. Seriously, they did nothing that horrible to them up until Aaron went trigger happy on everyone. Disgusting! Aileen was hoping to spend a while longer not dealing with killers and such, people who thought that the only way off was by playing by Danya's rules and kill what was once their classmates. And not only that, but were happy to do so. No one on their team, like Tom, deserved someone going psycho and killing them just because they thought that was how they were going to survive.

And then she took a deep breath, still having lost a fair amount of energy from just a few seconds ago shouting. Suddenly she reached her hands up and rubbed her temples with her fingers. Damn... damn this place to hell...

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