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A weird look. A sigh. A smile. So that was a yes? Sweet.

He took the magazine out of the gun, dropping it and then catching it in midair. Mary Ann couldn't help but release a small giggle- he was showing off and they both knew it. Not that he didn't have the skills to back it up, of course. He'd owned the gun for merely a few days (though it felt much longer), but he handled it with the expert grace of someone who'd had it for years. Combined with the deer from the previous night, the whole thing felt very Little House on the Prairie, but without the dog and the two kids and the wagon and the log cabin and the moral values and whatnot. And the actually cooking the deer part. Actually, they were just a couple in the wilderness, but she could think nice thoughts about it, right?

Soon enough, R.J. finished fiddling and handed the gun to her, seeming to anticipate her doing something with it. She didn't quite know what she would do, but... she was excited. She'd dealt with guns in video games before, but she'd never actually shot one in real life. Perhaps it was this excitement that made boys so giddy about weaponry? Maybe.

Mary Ann took the gun and held it out in front of her with both hands, like she'd seen cops do on TV. She saw a particularly large stump about twenty feet ahead- "How about we aim for that?" She pointed towards the stump.
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