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"What'll I do?! Didn't you hear the announcement? I'm a murderer, just like you!" Jackie held up the knife so it would be clearly visible. "See?!"

When she thought about it more, she was right- She and Reiko might not be so different... just that Reiko was about six times more not so different. Or something. Either way, Jackie didn't consider herself dangerous, per se (unless, of course, your name was Anneliese Hansen). Just sort of unstable. Everyone here was like that, right? Anyone who wasn't got shot, like Allie. Maybe it was a good thing, to be more "stable" like she was. But it also meant death. So really, people like Jackie and Reiko were the better ones... right?

It was with that logic that Jackie slowly began to approach the scene. She still held her knife visibly, but she walked slowly, watching as the other girl and the remaining boy walked away in opposite directions. It would probably be better for Jackie to do the same. Oh well. If she died here, it would only mean she wouldn't die a couple days later instead.
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