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Tabi Gweneth felt her knees buckle sharply as Clio clicked them in. She let out a yelp as the killer tossed her to the floor. She landed hard onto the tile floor and she didn't move from that spot.

The world that Tabi was in started to spin around her. She could hear the sounds of a scuffle and she wiggled her body in an attempt to see what was going on, but she found herself struggling to do so. After several attempts, she tried another tactic. She rolled herself onto her belly and used her hands to push herself up.

Her arms were shaking with fear as she held her body up. The world was starting to spin, but it was starting to slow down finally. She blinked and tried to shake off whatever was ailing her.

There was a loud crash and her head turned over to the sound. There were two people grappling on the ground but her blured vision could not make out who they were. She stared at the two of them for a while before the identities clicked into her brain.

The one on the top was Clio Gabriella, she was a killer. She had almost killed her before. It was the person on the bottom, the person being punched repeatedly, that had saved her life. Ivan Kuznetsov.

Ivan's face was bleeding. Tabi had seen this scene before. Only it was Ivan who was on top. Keith Christoph...he was on the bottom. He didn't survive the onslaught...

Tabi had not noticed that she had stopped crying. The tears had all dried up. She had to stop this from happening, she had to get involved just like she had done to stop Imraan from shooting Ivan. But Clio was not Imraan.

She got off of her knees and slowly wobbled up to her feet. Her body wavered back and forth and after standing up, Tabi found herself falling onto her butt. Raising her hand to her head and blinked at the sudden ineptitude. Her head was screaming at her trying to keep her rooted to the spot.

Going back to her hands and knees, Tabi pressed on though, she had to stop this. She had to stop this from happening...
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