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(Thanks for being so patient Arscapi, I'll get back with Jessica. I'm not quite sure what's happening here though.)

The next day was a blur to Jessica. Things just happened, the announcements came on, no sign of Nick. They had stumbled across Roman and Jessica had helped set up for the night. That was about all she could remember. The rest of the memories were foggy and Jessica couldn't pin a thing. Perhaps it was the daze that she felt as she was waking up - it would all come back to her eventually. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Her mind felt so amazingly empty. At that very moment, not a single thought fluttered. It was all blank. Not a single worry. It felt very peaceful.

She turned her head. The moment she saw Alex... well, she wasn't sure what to make of it. Alex was hovering over her brother. The world was still blurry and Jessica felt it hard to make out what was happening... that was when she realized Alex was crying. Crying? About what? She looked down at Roman. Alex must have not realized that Jessica was up. Jessica rose to her feet, looking down at the form of what used to be Roman. He was just laying there. He was...

Jessica gasped, and suddenly the thoughts came invading.

Alex was crying, so Jessica didn't hesitate. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. She quickly lowered herself and pulled her friend into a hug. An awkward one, but it was firm and comforting. She kept it held, just holding Alex as close as she possibly could. What could she say that would make up for what had just happened? Hell, Jessica didn't even know what happened. She just knew that Roman was dead, Alex was crying and Jessica was the only person around who didn't know.

"...Alex." Jessica said. She wanted to say it would be alright.

She didn't though. She heard a voice that she didn't recognize. She quickly pulled away from Alex.

Jessica froze. Who was this guy? His name was... Jason, right? Why was he screaming so loudly? She quickly went for her rifle, not so much aiming it at him as just pulling it out from behind her. Just in case. Even so her finger steadily wrapped around the trigger, still didn't aim at him. He... didn't mean any harm. Probably. She let out a deep breath, trying her best not to choke up. And she tried her best not to scream at Jason. It didn't matter if it was hard to tell what had happened or whatever, the mere thought that he was taking this so casually made her shrivel up. Like they were back home, and Alex had tripped and fell. It felt so clean, so nostalgic and it made Jessica mad.

"... C-Could you give her a minute?" she put it simply.

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