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((Jamie Li continued from Cabin Fever))

Jamie was lost, tired, hungry, disheartened, and all around not doing so well. She'd lost track of Darren a while ago, in some little incident. He'd gone to sleep, she'd gone to scout, and they hadn't reconnected. At least he hadn't come up on the announcements yet. That was something. It meant that maybe she could still find him. Maybe she wasn't a total failure.

Of course, that wasn't so important at the moment. Right now, what she needed was water. Fresh water, and food, too. She'd managed to burn through her supplies of both. She'd tried to ration, of course. It would be insane not to. It just hadn't helped. She was out of supplies and out of plans, and now, she was just trying to find some friendly face. Anything would do. Anyone. Just as long as they'd lend her a hand.

And oh, how she hated having to rely on others. It beat the fates of those who didn't, though. Lily was dead. Lily's friend, Dawne, was dead, too. She was pretty sure she'd heard that other guy from the greens called out, as well. Things just kept getting worse.

But Jamie kept going. It was all she could do. She kept going, and so far, her skills and her instincts had kept her uninjured, out of the crosshairs.

Now, she was at the beach, hoping to find something, an abandoned stash of supplies, maybe, or other students trying desperately to light a fire and signal a passing ship. Anyone would could spare her some water and food. Her eyes were dry, her lips were dry, her throat was dry. And there, in the distance, she could see them, other people. Two. She couldn't tell if they were armed, but they weren't all buddy buddy and they weren't killing each other, which meant that they were just nervous but still sane, right? Something like that.

She waved to them, and lurched closer along the beach.
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