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It shouldn't have been a big deal. There, in the dark, Kayla had been trying to find Celeste, Celeste and the other person. It should have been easy, hook up with them, find her way out of the tunnel. Something was spooky about the other girl, though. She was... well, she was weird. Wasn't she one of the gloomy goth sorts? Specifically, didn't she tend to go on about death or something? And now she was going to lead them? This sounded like trouble, lots of trouble. Maybe Celeste was okay with getting lured to her death, but that wasn't for Kayla.

No, she'd get out on her own. Safer that way.

"C-celeste," she said. "I t-think maybe you'd better come with me instead. I-i'm not sure if... 'Pandora' is the most reliable person."

Without waiting for a reply, Kayla took off, intent on finding a way out that didn't involve following a stranger through the dark tunnels to near-certain doom.

((Kayla McArthur continued Can't I Just Die A Disney Death?))
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