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Sense slowly started to seep into Alan's body, he realised the danger that he was in. He couldn't let Jimmy down; as Jimmy's last words rang through Alan's head like a powerful speedboat, he picked himself up from the floor, leaving his jumper over Jimmy, tears still staining his face. Alan briefly looked over to the student that had killed his friend; already she seemed pre-occupied, probably luring in another student already. Part of Alan wanted him to do away with her right on the spot, but he knew that it would be far too dangerous. It had already shot Jimmy without any thought, it would probably take out Alan in an instant.

"I promise, I will not let you down." Alan whispered to Jimmy before running off in the opposite direction to his killer. As he was running he felt his foot step on something flat and solid, which was strange when you're walking on a beach. Alan stopped running and looked down. The metallic shine of Jimmy's naginata stared back at him. Without thinking, Alan picked it up by his handle and continued running.

Alan couldn't quite explain it, but when he picked up the blade, he could have sworn that he saw Jimmy's face in the reflection, staring back at Alan for a split second. But Alan had already started running again, with nothing but his backpack and his friend's unused weapon. But Alan was on a mission; a mission that was bestowed upon Alan by Jimmy on his deathbed. To rid the island of the students who have already signed Mr. Danya's contract of murder, and to topple Lucifer's island empire once and for all and create a shining beacon of hope for every human student on the island.

((Alan Rickhall continued in The Long Road Home.))
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