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For a brief moment, Reiko was assaulted with silence. Even with the tide slowly receding, there was still enough water for her to be fully emerged. The sensation of the water as it silently embraced her body made her almost feel at peace.. Here she could escape from it all. From the blood and tears that had been shed because of her. The salty water didn't judge her for who she was or what she had done. It was just glad to have her there for company. Reiko would like nothing more than to stay with it. Just let it wash her away and never have to worry about anything again. Except, she still had something she needed to finish here on the island.

Reiko resurfaced to chaos. The boy that was close to where she had fired was on the ground, and even from this distance the girl could see the red. His partner was at his side, no doubt trying to comfort him in his final moments. Reiko couldn't hear what he was saying, but she didn't need to. She knew. He was dead, and it was her fault. Again.

Reiko looked at her left hand, the one holding the weapon that had taken the boys life. She wanted to throw it away right then, to get rid of the instrument of murder. Toss it into the sea and maybe finally be able to stop killing people once and for all. In the end though, she knew that getting rid of her last line of defense was just asking for someone to kill her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Reiko noticed that Courtney had picked up her other gun, and was pointing it at the other boy. The girl had all of a couple seconds to process this until another voice entered the fray, this one much louder, and very angry. Reiko found herself looking at yet another person, who was yelling and looking angry in her general direction. She didn't know what her problem was, but she didn't much care. All she knew was that she was soaked from head to toe, she was on edge, and she was starting to get cold in that water. Reiko shook her head slightly, pushing her feelings on the back burner for the moment. Right now she needed to get out alive.

"Yeah, or you'll do what?" Reiko retorted at the new girl without really thinking.

Not a good start to that whole "getting out alive" thing.
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