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((Jacquard Broughten continued from When My Fist Clenches, Crack it Open.))

Her leg was absolutely killing her. After Aaron had fired his weapon and ran off, Li had decided it would be a good idea to follow and give him a piece of her mind. Over the course of the trip, the pain she felt became worse and worse. At first Li didn't seem fazed, as if her section of her mind (wow, she really did sound insane) was the only one comprehensive of pain. After what felt like hours, her vision faded, darkened, and eventually became black. Apparently however this didn't affect Li all that much, because when she finally came to at the twilight of either the evening or the morning, she was in a completely different spot. By this point, Li had apparently began to feel the effects of their injury. Her leg throbbing like a heated sun was contained within it's sinew, Li had began to limp.

Good. That could be Aaron's chance to get away. Apparently Li wasn't logic incarnate like she had originally thought once control of her body was relinquished. That really gave someone a lot of time to think when their leg wasn't throbbing in pain, the fire surrounding her mind and choking her thoughts.

Either way. If they were slowing down, Aaron and his crew probably hadn't. And if that were the case, then she would probably never see him again. For the best.

They seemed to be lost in some... woods. Just like before. But she could tell it was different. The pain in her leg was like an odometer, marking that she had traveled so far while she was unconscious. Thought struggled to come, and she could hear the labored breath echoing through the trees as she was forced in some direction to some destination. There was a little bit of chatter behind her, some that she couldn't quite decipher. How did these others know how all this worked already when she herself didn't? Wouldn't it stand to reason that they only had the knowledge she did, at the very least starting at their time of inception?

Instinctively from the pain, she did what she would always do. Reach down to to rub the throbbing limb. However while her head didn't actually move, and her arm didn't either, she still felt her palm contact her thigh. Not a phantom feeling, she actually felt real contact. Time for a little experiment. Just thinking and remembering the muscle motions required, she took a step back. And another. It was almost as if she was on some strange treadmill, trapped in her own mind. She closed her eyes, and spun on her heel.


Somewhere out in the woods, Li was lost. Sure, she had followed that cocky little freak for quite some time, but she couldn't coop all the pain in that idiot Jackie's portion of the mindscape for that long. The dull ache that she felt that had finally spilled over was more than enough to make her slow down. Just enough for Aaron and Aileen to get away. Li wanted nothing more than to destroy whatever little plan he had going. Aaron was a planner, and if he had followers, that would spell trouble later when he inevitably became a player and used his little peons to fight his way out of here. She had to destroy him and everything he stood for fast, before he had that chance.

If only this damn leg would stop hurting for a few hours.

She had been going in what was probably circles for the better part of two hours by now. Near the tail end of it, she had heard the hosts's thoughts slowly beginning to pop back up.

"Wait, I feel it. What the hell? Hang on, if I... Okay, that worked..."

The lack of concentration paying attention to her antics brought Li almost brought her face to face with a tree trunk. She skidded short, almost falling, her mouth letting out an involuntary "Eep!", the pitch cutting through the silence. There were no landmarks to speak of, and without a watch or Jackie's cell phone, she had no idea what side of the sky the Moon was supposed to be in. So bearings were non-existant. But if she were to ever find Aaron she couldn't stop now, he'd get away and the island was just plain too large to let that happen.

After another fifteen or so minutes of aimless wandering, a voice was heard. Nothing but a stroke of luck, a miracle of sorts.

"Shut the fuck up!"

Heh, bingo.


Suddenly, Jackie was no longer seeing through her own eyes. A little bit of a disconcerting thought, but what she saw took her breath away. Suddenly, before her stood a beautiful, vast landscape, one that she didn't yet realize was of her mind's own creation. A small lake in the center gave way to five small, quaint houses. Two small ones on either side, and one grander one which reminded her quite a bit of her own home. The land looked as if it were a large farmland, neatly trimmed grass with the occasional tree dotting the landscape.

"We wondered how long it would take you to figure it out."

The voice seemed snarky, but most importantly, it was disembodied. Her eyes went wide, darting to and fro trying to locate the source.

"Right here, you idiot."

The last place she had expected the voice to come from, especially after looking there as she emerged from whatever viewing plate on which she stood, was directly in front of her. A boy, who couldn't be more than 15 was standing in front of her, red hair cut short, freckles adorning his pale face.

"I'm shocked you've lived this long. Not that happy either. Look around, if you die, you'll be stuck here for the rest of your days. Would that really be that bad? You'd be doing the world a favor too."

"W-Where is this even?"

This was something far greater than she could rationalize on a whim as she once used to. Combine that with the fact that her leg was distracting her full potential, and she was relegated to doing nothing but asking questions, something she hated to do, and always had.

"It's the mindscape. You didn't think we didn't have a home, did you? Look, there's even one for you."

Suddenly and without warning, a beautiful older woman with shining golden hair, and a pair of feathered wings began to emerge from the lake in the middle of the landscape she had been taking the entire time to behold; ignoring this pasty little chump in favor of the bigger picture. Nekane had an annoyed look on his face, but Cassarrah's was one of welcoming.

Jackie's feet almost directed her own movement, although this lack of control was familiar unlike Li's. There was an entire place she could escape from the world... Lock the door and never have to deal with the realities of Survival of the Fittest, leave her guilt behind...


Li was panting, but she had found the source of the voices. Indeed, it was Aaron, although he hadn't been the idiot to scream like that. Aileen, Aaron, and Milo. The group had been cut down quite a bit from before. Apparently having heard a pair of killer's names on the announcements was all that was really needed to break up this apparently thinly allied group.

"What now, leader-bro?"

She was only a few trees away, just barely able to see the rustling and moving of human forms in the distance, crouching, she stifled a groan of agony as her leg protested it's current abuse.

"If only Jackie remembered to take some fucking advil on this trip..."

It was almost infuriating knowing that she really had no say on her induction into this world. While she shared her memories and experiences with Jackie, she still hadn't had the say, or even the mind to argue with any of her packing decisions.

Either way, she crouched, ignoring the dull ache that was quickly beginning to fire up, waiting and watching to see what the trio would do before moving forward to use the greatest weapon she had; something that idiot Jackie abandoned upon committing the only logical act on this island. Her logic, and intelligence.

She was going to rip Aaron apart in a battle of wits, and leave him mentally battered and broken. Just like he deserved.
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