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((GMing of Thea Kairos done with permission from Arscapi))

"Where's Evie?" Thea's voice came from behind Jason. Great. How am I going to get out of this? Jason squirmed for a second before he took a nice, deep breath.

"I ... I went to talk to her. I wanted to apologize for being such a prat back there when I removed Alex's arm. So I went to say I was sorry for my behavior ... and she up and left. She just walked away. I went to go get her, but she had gone to far and I couldn't find her." Thea was silent for a second before she revealed how cheesed off she was.

"Hold on a minute. You lost her. You lost her? How can you do something that dumb? I've managed to keep this group together this entire time, and you lost her while just standing there?" Thea paused her rant as she ran her fingers through her hair. "How about this: you go and be useful for once and get her back here?"

"Okay, okay. I'll go find her. Just stay here. If this place becomes a Danger Zone, we'll meet at the ... the Parish or the Infirmary." Jason backed away, turning around and shaking his head. I should have stayed with Roman. He honestly didn't feel like starting another fight. The first one had already alienated himself from the group. Another fight might have led to his death.

"You better!" Thea called back. I hate my life.

((Jason Clarke continued in Instinct))

"Thea, that whole thing with Alex's arm being removed ... when he got shot, it was because he pushed me out of the way of the bullet. Now look at him. He saved my life and this is how he gets rewarded for it. He saved my life, so if he doesn't want me to kill Hayley, I won't. But I was with her when she killed that Steve guy. Almost stopped her, too. When and if you try to kill her, I won't stop you, and if she tries to hurt you, you can bet that I'll jump in."

Had Charlene thought through what she was going to say a little more thoroughly, that is what she would have told Thea. Thea may still have been pissed off, but it would have been very clear what Charlie's motivations were. However, that was not, and Thea was disappointed apoplectic at Charlie's statement.

"I'm sorry what? You just had the nerve to say what to me? We've been friends since the SECOND GRADE and all you can manage to do is 'space out?' Because you owe Alex. Who's kept all of your secrets for the past ten years? What are you sleeping with him too? That's awfully fast work, even for you my dear ..." Thea stopped for a second.

"... Wait, you were there when she killed the first time? And you didn't do anything to stop her or even slow her down? So because you decided she's hot you let her slide and now, NOW I don't have a boyfriend. And the best you can do is pretend that you're not there? You're unbelievable you know that. UN-BELIVEABLE."

That was not the reaction Charlie was hoping for. In fact, that statement really got to her, not because Charlie had basically stated "I won't help you avenge your boyfriend," but because of Thea's assumption of why. It took a couple seconds for the statement to sink in as she chewed out Jason for losing Evie, demanding that he go find her, but Charlie came back hard.

"That's it. That's all you think it's about. Sex. What gives you the right to question why I'm doing what I'm doing? HE SAVED MY LIFE. There. That's why I don't want to kill Hayley. Alex took a bullet for me, and it's my fault that it happened. We may have been friends since grade school, but losing your arm to take a bullet for me counts for something. So if he doesn't want me to kill Hayley, I won't. But she killed James, so I'm not going to stop you from killing her." At this point, she was pretty pissed at Thea (and given Thea's words, the feeling was probably mutual). Charlie wasn't thinking about it right then and there, but hopefully a very worthwhile friendship wasn't going to be ruined over what Charlie thought of as, well, a responsibility.
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