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Clio didn't know exactly where she was hurt, because frankly every twanging nerve was getting punted in the gut by a metal rod. Falling down the stairs...not good. Loosing both of her guns (she could hear them clatter away with Ivan's own shotgun)...not good. Loosing her ammo box of all things as well...not good! And all of this hit her the moment she cleared the landing.

For the next few seconds, all that surrounded her in the time it took to come to her damn senses was just a collection of motions and colours. Were she in some sort of cartoon, there would be little Tweety birds asking her a top of the morning. Every damn second. Just as she found out she wasn't falling, she could feel every little bump, every step that jammed into her skin come back tenfold. She wasn't sure how beefed up Ivan was, but she knew she's taken the brute of the fall.

She felt her skin drag against the floor, and her body came to a stop. Her head rested against the edge of the wall, hair shattered around her face like a bead curtain. The body screamed 'enough', but the mind pushed her into 'continue'. Clio's eyes darted to only a few paces away, and saw the lumbering body of the Russian who had dared to resist her will push against its own will.

She tried her best to get up as well, but her nerves screamed. Clio's fingers met the hard wooden floor, and the moment her body weight was put on it, she collapsed back onto the floor, gasping for breath. But she couldn't stay down like this. If she stayed down, she would die. Everything he'd put her through, he wouldn't brush it off that easily. There was no way he was taking her life.

Clio grabbed the corner of the wall, or at least attempted to. With the pain trying to keep her down, it wasn't easy standing up. And she didn't even get to that, she just used the de-evolution into bestial mentality as her base when she launched herself from the ground to tackle the larger Russian boy and knock him against the wall.

The moment he fell under her unexpected attack, she tried her best to deal as much damage as she could to the short Russian tennis player. She balled her fists, and launched punch after punch at his face and neck, anywhere she knew it would hurt.

Even though she wasn't that strong, she still had keep him down before she finally killed him. Tabi would fall much easier. And then, she had a two-of-a-kind shotgun in her hands that would make the task of removing anyone else she found the simple task of point and shoot.
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