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"We're just looking for Maxwell Lombardi, he's been killing people and we need to stop him." She hesitated for a second, looking towards Alice for reassurance before continuing. "We're sure if we can just talk to him he will stop, but we'd need to disarm him first. After that, Alice and I can... talk some sense in to him."

Any other place, any other time, and that would make perfect sense. Here, on this island, there's a certain comical value to it. "Killing people? As in killing of the serial sort? That doesn't sound like someone I'd want to look for."

The fact that, in a very literal way, they're all stuck in a very bad serial with a bunch of killers? The irony of the words he just picked? Completely escapes Tyler Franklin right now. As does the goofy hand-holding bit between the girls. There are worse things than being stuck with a couple of...

Thespians? No, that's not the word...

...well, girls who like each other too much. They're alive, he's alive, and that puts them all in a small enough category. So...on with the conversation.

"How do you want to disarm him when you get to him? I mean...if he's got a gun, that ain't gonna be easy if you don't have one. Even if he doesn't, it might not be so easy."

Turning to Annalise, Tyler offered a weak smile to her comment about letting them be alone. "If they were seizing the day, I missed it." And then, with a quick glance to the other girls with a slightly mischievous smile (conveniently directed at the nearest camera), Tyler shrugs. "And they forgot to invite me."
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