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Kimberly waited for a while. Let that one sink in, Liz. Let it fester. Let's see what you say then.

And lo and behold, it did not disappoint. Seemed like Liz was smart enough to puzzle it out. Made sense, since she was the one causing the terrorists all this trouble. She realized what she'd done, that she'd killed and stolen. The question now was, what came next? A breakdown? Crying? Screaming? Suicide? Kimberly didn't really give a damn, in the grand scheme of things. She'd won. She'd caught Liz Polanski, and she'd rubbed her face in her crimes.

And there was Liz, suddenly stripped of her veneer of heroism, and she was looking to Kimberly, now, looking for help or support or something. Kimberly smiled. Nodded. Good. On the right track. Let's keep going a bit further, though, shall we?

Liz asked a question. She wasn't better or worse than the others, right? Kimberly didn't even bother replying. Better? Worse? That didn't mean anything. Not now. Maybe, just maybe, not ever. She'd picked a comparative technique to play on Liz's insecurities, not her own.

And then, Liz spoke, and suddenly, Kimberly was surprised. Liz was okay with it? Okay with it? With being a killer? A murderer?


An honest question, for a change. Not a jab, not exactly. A request for clarification. Kimberly did not like being surprised, but, for a change, she wasn't too pissed by this turn of events. This was more like what she'd expected. Sure, she'd been satisfied to see Liz a wimp, a loser, but then it didn't mean anything. Then utterly destroying her was just a pointless exercise, a waste of time. If that was the case, she'd be better off having never stopped in here, having gone straight for Kris, forget Liz, forget the gun. After all, Liz was right on one thing: Danya had stopped the collar explosions, at least for now.

Liz was looking away. Talking it out. Puzzling things through. It was fascinating, listening to her thought process. Of course, Kimberly was also taking advantage of the time and Liz's distraction, quickly extracting the second clip for the gun from the bag, stuffing it into her pocket, taking the risk of using her good hand, grasping with her two smallest fingers. Better safe than sorry. Someone could show up at any moment, and that would be highly unfortunate, especially if she actually used all her ammunition.

And Liz went on and on, just kept talking, but it was making sense. It was actually making some fucking sense. Problem was, it was making too much sense. Sounded an awful lot like the reasons Kimberly had gone off after Kris, the reasons she'd gone after Liz. And, if Liz was like Danya, then wasn't that perfectly fitting? It was a never ending chain of sorrow, a string of dominoes just starting to tip. Someone would come for Kimberly if she killed Liz. Someone else would kill Liz if she didn't, and then yet another would come after them. None of it mattered, and Kimberly loved it.

She loved it because it was what she'd known since the start. She loved it because Liz didn't get it yet. She loved it because Liz thought she had won. She'd parsed the information, figured out her little moral imperative. She said she was a serial killer. Seemed she actually got it, at least a little. But there was understanding, and then there was grasping, and Kimberly didn't really think Liz grasped the matter yet. Time to change that.

Kimberly smiled.

Knelt in front of Liz.

Looked up at her, and pointed the gun straight at her face.

"Put your hand out, nice and easy." Of course, Liz complied.

And never flinching, never breaking her smile, Kimberly smoothly flipped the gun around, into Liz's hand, and guided it down a notch, pressing the barrel into her forehead.

"Well come on, serial killer," she said. "Time to get a mark by your name, ward off some of the people who mean business."

Safety off. Gun between her eyes. And Kimberly just kept smiling, because, she knew, oh yes, she knew that no matter what happened, she had won.
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