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How cute.
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"I told you. You're nothing but obstacles in my path. And obstacles are meant to be broken."

Sofia turned her attention from the spot where John had been a moment ago to where Janet stood now. John was dead and there really was no going back now. This is what she had to become. This is who she was. There was no turning back. She made her choices and followed her own road and true to her word, she broke down the obstacles that stood in her way. John was first... but now it was Janet's turn.

"You know what this means, right? It's your turn to die."

A smirk came to Sofia's face as she turned the shotgun on her next would-be target, the other obstacle standing in her way. She had to admit, that first shot was more than a little exhilarating. So much of it reminded her of the first time she drove, how much fun it was, how enjoyable it was to have that sense of freedom. This shotgun? It gave her that same sense of total freedom. As long as she had it, she was in charge. She was the one calling the shots and she could go wherever and do whatever she wanted. She was in charge and that's the way it was supposed to be. This was her game now.

Fuck that asian bitch. Fuck those other pricks. I'm going to win this.

"I'll ask you the same thing I asked him."

She steadied her aim and held the weapon tight, her finger on the trigger. Staring down the sights, right at Janet and her fucking face. Looking her right in the eyes with that grin still plastered across her face. This was her freedom. This was her game.

Boom, headshot.

"Any last words?"

That was it. This would be the last question she asked Janet. The last chance Janet would get to speak her mind and offer up her unwanted opinion on everything. After that, it would all end for the foul mouthed little cheerleader. God, she couldn't wait to make that bitch eat some buckshot. Make her take a little tumble off the cliff just like John, even if she had to throw her after the deed was done. No use leaving the body lying there for all to see. Burial at sea is better than no burial at all, after all. But it seemed Sofia was getting tired of waiting and listening to Janet. She wanted to get moving and get back to hunting down that bastard Colin or maybe go back and give that goth slut Meredith a piece of more than just her mind.

"Time's up."

This was it. The moment when it all ended for Janet.

"Say goodbye."

Sofia took a deep breath, steadied her aim... and squeezed the trigger.


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