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They continued on in their wordless cycles. After some time Charlie wrote something down, said she needed to stretch, said she'd be right back. Isabel looked at Dave and understanding passed between them. Charlie wasn't coming back. You didn't take your bag out with you to go stretch. She'd liked Charlie but who was she to tell anyone to stay.

Isabel took her turn again on the bike. Feo pushed the start button of the computer and it lit up, whirring just a little. Her heart pounded and she gripped the bike handles. Soon Feo waved them over. Isabel hopped off the bike, pedals still going round on their own and drew in close with the rest of them. Her eyes went wide and she slapped her hand over her mouth at what she saw.

Oh my god. Oh my god. We did it. We did it! I can't believe it. We found the island!

She couldn't help it. Isabel jumped up and down a few times waving her hands around. It was all she could do to stop from screeching in excitement.

We can really do this. We can really really find a way out. I mean, I don't want to get ahead of myself but this sure beat where we were at before. We've got a shot!

And at that in came familiar faces. Roland Harte and Kitty from the fair. It was a good thing Isabel already had a hand over her mouth because otherwise she would have yelled "IT'S YOU!" at him. Roland seemed to be much calmer since she and Dave had left him and it looked like he and Kitty were willing to cooperate. Isabel wrote down the island location and name quickly on a piece of paper and stuffed it down her shirt. She looked down at what the others were writing and shook her head vigorously.

Dave's right, she scribbled on the note pad. Roland, you know Morse code, right? If you can translate this location to Morse code then I think I've got a plan.

She knew he wanted to be a Marine so hopefully he'd brushed up on his Morse code. Isabel looked around at the group. It was pretty big considering it started with just her, Dave and Roland but there was safety in numbers.

There's a lot of us now and we'll need supplies to keep going. Three of us will head down to the town area and scope out what we can find and try to refill the water bottles on the way. If it's just a couple of us we'll be able to move faster than the whole group going. The rest of you stay here and trash the place. Danya's gonna send some guys eventually to fix the cameras and he can't know what we did.

Isabel looked around. Who to stay and who to go? Roland had to stay; he needed to make the code. Helen? She'd stay too. They couldn't risk the team doctor. Winnie....she still looked fragile, spooked. That left her, Feo, Kitty and Dave. Based on her previous experience with Roland, Isabel felt much better leaving Dave to even him out. Dave might have been a racist, insensitive ass hat, but he was a racist, insensitive ass hat that she trusted.

Feo.....She assumed those notes were written to her and the notes said her name was Feo. Considering she just gave up almost everything for them to get as far as they did, Isabel trusted her as a traveling companion. Kitty was a wild card. Isabel didn't know much about her, but she'd have to take the gamble.

Isabel pointed to herself, Feo and Kitty.

We'll go. Give us all your water bottles and we'll try and scrounge anything we think can help along with water. You guys make sure to throughly mess this place up. We'll meet back in 3 hours. Everyone agree?
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