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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Sorry Stefan, I'm going to pull a quick post before you to keep things moving, but it won't mess with you.))

Brook turned and saw the voice directed towards him. So commanding, so rude! Then again, befitting of somebody who also had the gall to interrupt him when he was punishing somebody. Brook yanked Raine away from the tree, grabbign her shoulder and turning her away from him. Once he had his arm nice and locked around her throat, he jabbed the Liberator up against her back... probably where her kidney was, maybe the liver. Some place where lots and LOTS of blood was sure to leak out of if he shot her.

"Ooooh, scary scary!" He giggled, staring at Ridley. "What... you wanna have her, kill her for yourself? Well, that's too damn bad! She's mine, I found her first! Whatcha say about putting down that gun, eh?"

Brook had a delightful idea. Maybe, if this person was willing to take an etiquette lesson or two (or five), he'd get polite enough to play with his prey alongside him. Yes, wouldn't that be fun... then, once they were done killing her, Brook would do him the favor of ending his run in the game, then drag them both to Tiffany!

See? Everybody wins.

"Yeah... yeah, just put the gun down, and we'll play with her for a little bit! Sounds fun, doesn't it? If you don't, I'm just gunna fuckin' kill her right now!!"
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