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((Maxwell Lombardi continued from Breaking Down the Wall))

Finding the town he'd spotted earlier proved to be an easier task than Maxwell first suspected. After all, he only had to retrace his own steps in order to find it again, and since he'd recently passed through the area he didn't have any problem with moving at a somewhat faster pace than usual.

As a result, whilst it had taken him an hour or so to reach the warehouse from the outskirts of the town, it only took him approximately forty minutes to find it again.

Ah, there it is... Now what?

A part of him wanted to turn back and head in the opposite direction, try to find a nice tree or something to sleep under instead. After all, the town was bound to be full of the competition all waiting for the opportunity to take a shot at him, what with his impressive kill count and everything. Not to mention the fact that there were probably dozens of people out there who would have personally known some of the people he'd killed, and would relish at the opportunity of avenging their fallen comrades.

Then again, having a reputation as an established killer might also serve to protect him. Not many people would want to mess with a man with six (No, seven... Wait, make that eight now.) kills to their name would they? Chances are, some of the more weak minded members of the competition would rather run and hide than try to take him on. Besides, so what if he had something of a huge target on his head? It wasn't exactly as if he couldn't defend himself, as the young Brit had proven several times in the past already... He would just have to not be careless, thats all.

Well Maxwell, are you ready to enter a potential bloodbath with nothing but a nearly depleted submachinegun in one hand and a trusty sidearm in the other?

Damn right i'm ready...

Once he'd finally mustered up the courage, Maxwell ran silently towards the town, hoisting himself over a garden fence and flattening himself against the wall of a bungalow. The young Brit could have entered through the front entrance of the town, true, but at the same time he didn't want to draw attention to himself TOO soon. Besides, there were bound to be fellow players waiting in ambush by all the obvious entrances and exits. Best to head in through more unorthodox means rather then making himself a bigger target then he already was.

Nevertheless, despite his precautions, Maxwell couldn't help but feel somewhat uneasy. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In some ways, fear was the only thing keeping him awake now. Anywhere else on the island Maxwell would be drifting off to sleep at that moment... However, seeing as doing so here would mean leaving himself unguarded in one of the busiest spots on the island, the young Brit couldn't help but stay alert as he sneaked along the alleyways.

Alright, first things first, I've got to find myself a place to get some proper rest. A bungalow is no good, too open. I need somewhere with an upper level where I can block the stairs and barricade myself in nice and safe... Hmm, I think that house over there a couple of blocks down will do quite nicely.

With his TEC-9 by his side, ready to fire upon any unwanted company, Maxwell snuck past two more bungalows before finding himself in an alleyway between one of the bungalows and the two-story house he had spotted. Whilst it was by no means as impressive as the mansion he'd temporarily resided within a day ago, it was certainly enough to satisfy Maxwell's needs for the night.

Perfect! Now all I have to do is find a way in and...


....Wait, is that what I think it is?

The young Brit brought his gun up and leaned his back against the wall, staring down the alleyway at the figure standing in the middle of the street. A young man wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans. Just standing there staring at... Something, Maxwell couldn't really tell from where he was standing.

Not that it really mattered... All Maxwell could think about was the fact that this guy was apparently all alone...

And unarmed...

And his back was turned...

Not to mention the fact that he was so close, and yet he didn't seem to be aware of Maxwell's presence...

The ambitious young killer couldn't help but smile as he lifted his gun... After all, how could he possibly resist such an easy target?

His thoughts on getting some sleep temporarily forgotten, the young Brit slowly sneaked down the alleyway so that he could get a better shot, making sure to keep to the shadows as best as he could. He didn't want to waste the element of surprise, did he? It wasn't often that opportunities like this were handed to Maxwell on a silver platter, so alerting this idiot of his presence was not an option...

Alright, I think that's close enough. Now all I have to do is lift, aim and......

"Hey, Maria! Are you alr-" RATATATATATA!

Duncan's call was quickly drowned out by the sound of gunfire as Maxwell emptied the remainder of his TEC-9's ammo into the unsuspecting boy's back with a cruel grin on his face.

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