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((Narrow inactivity dodge. Joe Rios continued from Burn the Louvre))

Joe had decided not to leave the Residential Area. He had decided, at some point, that it was in his best interest to stay there; in a relatively developed area, it was much easier to see people coming, and much harder to get violently killed.

He'd curled up on the side of a building somewhere and gone to sleep. Wasn't a particularly comfortable place to sleep, but it'd do; he was too tired to try and pick a lock, and busting a door down would be massively counterproductive due to not only making the house completely indefensible, but also probably alerting half the area to his whereabouts and signing his death warrant.

When he woke up, everything was still. From the sounds of things, he'd just missed the announcements. He got the sinking feeling that he was forgetting something as he ate a light breakfast consisting of a small chunk of bread and a couple gulps of water.

Then, it clicked.

Liz, he thought. Might be a good idea to find Liz. Not sure if I want to see two girls I was attracted to go in such a short time, Joe thought. He wasn't particularly good friends with Liz, certainly not to the degree that he and Rose were friends, but they were on fairly amicable terms and he had a feeling she'd be okay with him protecting her. The fact that Liz was attempting to get off the island made the deal all the sweeter. Then, a sinking realization came to Joe Rios.

Fuck, I'm nowhere close to well-armed enough to take anyone down that's gunning for her. All I've got's this scythe, and I'm not sure if I want to fight someone who's wielding a gun when this is all I've got. Guess that's gonna have to wait.

He stood up, stretched, and scratched the back of his head. Then, a curious sight caught his attention. A couple of people he didn't recognize were leaving a rather nice house nearby, and he could faintly hear talking from within it.

"Perfect," he muttered to himself. He grabbed his daypack, slung it over his shoulder, and trod over to the house. He knocked on the door.

"Hey, anyone there? It's Joe Rios," he said. "I'm unarmed," he quickly added, aware that simply stating his name was not going to persuade the people inside.
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