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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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As Alice mentioned the scalpel Sarah was again acutely aware of the feeling of the cool metallic killing device she held in her hand. A tug. Alice was trying to take it away from her! She should kill her for trying! Sarah was in charge here, who were these people apart from playthings! What right did Alice have trying to get her to do something? Sarah met Alice's gaze unwaveringly. Alice's eyes were large and round and within them Sarah could see her soundless plea. The trapped, desperate voice of a scared girl. It tugged at her. Sarah let go, her grip loosened from the vice like hold she previously had. She gave Alice an almost imperceptible nod before looking back up. Her hand was slick with perspiration and her arm twitched slightly. She hoped no one saw.

Sarah looked an Annaliese oddly as she let the scalpel slip from her fingers in to Alice's. The girl was smart, better to remove all temptation altogether, she didn't want to risk having a momentary relapse. That would be bad in all senses of the word.

"It's ok Anna." Sarah said, measuring every word as she uttered it. We'd love your company, safety in numbers and all that." She turned to Alex, "You too." She tried to smile but it came off more like a maniac grin. "We're just looking for Maxwell Lombardi, he's been killing people and we need to stop him." She hesitated for a second, looking towards Alice for reassurance before continuing. "We're sure if we can just talk to him he will stop, but we'd need to disarm him first. After that, Alice and I can... talk some sense in to him."

If by talk you mean beat and by some sense in to him she meant to death with a blunt object then Sarah was telling the two exactly what she intended to do.
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