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((Ash Morrison continued from Too Late))

The situation Ash had stumbled into was something she definitely could not handle. Reiko Ishida, one of the more prolific killers on this island, was aiming a gun at a group of fellow students.

It would have been a smart idea to stay out of this mess and let her kill them, if that was what Reiko was after. But the persistent nagging feeling in the back of her head changed her mind. Ash looked down at the two bags she held. These were the only thing she could part with out of all of her current possessions. However, she was reluctant to do so, having risked her life to steal them.

I can throw the lighter one and distract Reiko that way. It would take some of the supplies I need, but it could bring her attention away from them.

She looked over the group again. One of them had been shot, judging by the pool of blood. The face and upper torso of the student was obscured by one of the others, so she couldn't tell if he or she was still alive. It confirmed her worst scenario: Reiko was out for blood.

Ash thought about this more carefully. Would her throw actually do anything positive, or would it startle Reiko into shooting randomly? Also, she had to consider her own life. What if the bullets flew in her direction next? She had to look out for herself as well.

She paused, staying in the dark like she always did. Maybe she'd see a better opportunity come along soon.
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