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"I had a fight with a lawnmower. Think it won, but I retained the moral high ground. Where've you been?"

Alexander Campbell. Always was a bit...unusual.

Jasper-Declan frowned as he considered the question for a moment. Where had he been? A lot of places, and he wasn't sure how well he remembered every one of them. But his very nature insisted that he answer the question literally and in full, which required a bit of reflection.

"I awoke on the beach. I spent a short time there, amongst several other boys who appeared to be planning an escape. However my pessimistic attitude was apparently bothersome to them and I chose not to make company amidst such animosity. I wandered northward towards the warehouses, where I met several others, chief among them Carly and George, whom I allied myself with. We proceeded towards the dead forest, but we lost George along the way. Eventually we stopped to rest, but we ran across some less-than-pacifistic individuals and so were forced to move on. In the morning, Carly went for a walk on her own. After a rather lengthy period had passed I found myself concerned, and so I went after her and found..."

Something unfamiliar pricked at his eye. What was it? Jasper-Declan wiped at it impatiently.

"...She was gone. And so I wound up here. An impressively convenient coincidence, would you not agree?"

"You’re unbelievable you know that. UN-BELIVEABLE.”

He stopped suddenly, looking to the side. The other girl's voice- what was her name? Jasper-Declan did not know her, though if he was to stay with Alex (and there was no question of that not being so) he would have to learn her name at least- cut through his thought process. She appeared to be fighting, arguing with the other girl...this one did look rather familiar, though considering her unusual appearance he figured he had most likely just seen her in the halls once or twice. Jasper-Declan saw no reason to interfere with an argument that had nothing to do with him and so turned back to Alex.

"What about yourself...? I should like to know the set of circumstances that left you so...left-handed."

He raised an eyebrow.
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