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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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No, Clio hadn't quite bought it. She gave her retorts, readied her weapon, and the moment Tabi hit the floor, he knew what was in store for him. Those guns were out faster than he coud fire his, leaving him to flee up the stairs. His blood pumped and his brain felt like it was going to burst from the tension building up inside him. He may have just doomed Tabi, or he had made the only correct move in this demented game of cat-and-mouse.

His tactical retreat (read: run the fuck away) had the intended effect, fortunately. He didn't hear a gunshot, so chances were that Tabi was still alive. He could hear Clio dashing after him, almost as though she were hot on his heels and ready to cave his head in with those guns of hers. He just had to make it to the top... get right to the top, and get to somewhere that he had the advantage.

Hopping over that tricky final step, Ivan pulled himself into the bathroom, panting. It would've been bad if Clio really was on his heels, but the few seconds he had to stand there, leaning against the wall and just preparing for the moments to come... that was murderous. Clio was coming up those steps, and she was still talking. Whatever she was saying, though, he paid no mind to... all he knew was that he had to act... stop thinking, act! ACT!

Here she comes... come on, COME ON!

It sounded like Clio was practically on top of him, ready to come through the other side of the bathroom wall. Ivan let loose a scream of nearly primal quality, running through the bathroom door shotgun-first. He should've shot, should've ended it, but Clio was practically right there in his face on the landing of the stairs. He panicked... panicked like a damn animal, and swung the shotgun at Clio. Her face, her neck, who the fuck cared as long as he clocked her with it. He felt the weapon connect, Clio reeled... he had won. He'd finally put the bitch away, and get it over with. Clio leaned back, ready to tumble... then grabbed Ivan's arm.

What!? No... no, fuck, let go!

It was all so sudden. Ivan would've pulled back, gotten them split up, but now he was leaning forward. His heart pumped faster, his body kicking into overdrive. He had to do something or his day was about to get very bad, VERY quickly. Unfortunately, that bit of instinct told him to push Clio forward.


It felt like slow motion as the two fell towards the stairs, ready for the fall of their lives.

... Oh boy.

Ivan collasped on top of Clio and braced for impact. She cushioned the first impact of the fall, only to flip over her and take the brunt force of the second. The two became a writhing, flailing mass of arms, legs, and bruises as they bounced down the stairs. Somewhere along the way, the Jackhammer had become dislodged from Ivan's hand, but that was the least of his worries when hardwood stairs repeatedly pounded him in the head, knees, and who knows where else.

With an anti-climatic thud and clatter, the two ex-highschoolers sprawled out at the bottom of the steps. Ivan's face was now glasses-free... now he was missing his weapon AND his eyes were lost somewhere on the steps, or down below, or up the devil's asscrack, it didn't matter. What mattered was that they were not on his face.

No... what really mattered was that he got up before Clio. Maybe she still had her gun, maybe he could wrestle it from her and finish the job. Tabi likely wouldn't want anybody killed, but fuck that shit! The rage had come back to Ivan... the redness that encompassed him when he killed Keith. It was turning him into a monster once more, but if that's what he needed to kill Clio, he'd gladly take it. He'd take all of her cruelty, all of her pathetic and petty reasons for existing, and he'd fucking kill her with them.

He just had to be the first one standing.
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