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((I honestly have no idea what the post order is myself.))

Moments ticked by, and Courtney noticed a bag lying between them and her. She began to formulate a plan of sorts. The second Reiko fired at them- if she fired at all- Courtney would dash for the bag and pull out whatever was inside. Use it as leverage to get them to go. Alright, just needed some time to ru- bang.

Crap. No time to think it through. Reiko fired the gun. Courtney ducked and ran forwards, rushing to the bag and rummaging through, checking what it contained. She hefted out a huge shotgun of a make Courtney couldn't determine. Like hell that she could fire the thing, but it might have been a good idea to give them that extra push to get them to leave. Courtney raised the shotgun at them.

Except they didn't need that push. Jimmy-boy was lying on the floor. The bullet must have hit him. Reiko was struggling to get back up in the water. Oh damn. He’d be fine though, right? Stomach wounds were usually non-fatal, he’d be fine. The other kid was blubbering about nothing. Courtney took a few silent steps forward, still holding the shotgun tight. Couldn’t show that she was scared.

Courtney stood there, the shotgun sitting awkwardly in her hands while Alan blubbered and clutched his friend. Professing his love? Really? He was being that melodramatic about it? Courtney sighed, moving one of her hands away from the shotgun to adjust a strap of her tank top.

"You know we're both standing right here, right?" Courtney put her free hand on her hip, the hand holding the shotgun started to shake. "Get a hold of yourself, slap your friend awake or something, then both of you can get the hell out of here."

A dark thought crossed Courtney's mind. She silently hoped his friend was okay.
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