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((Apologies for the time it took and the general crappiness of the post.))

Dave hadn't seen so many sheets of paper being thrown around since his freshman math class. Bitches were writing notes all over the place. It was insane.

After Dave decided to take a break from getting his ass beat at tic-tac-toe, Izzy quickly left to go shower or whatever, so Dave went and took her turn on the bike. She came back and Dave got off the bike, letting someone else take the next turn on the bike.

Charlie left too, only Dave was pretty sure she had gone for good. She looked like she was going this way, after leading them to Liz right before she got a bounty put on her head and all. Nearly getting them all blown up for helping her. Well, best of luck to her and all that shit.

Alright, the blue haired bitch from the fun fair. She wrote down something about her and her partner wanting to help. Wait, funfair...? Did that mean her partner was-? He made his entrance. Roland fuckin' Harte. If Dave had forgotten him, the cuts and scrapes that littered his body sure didn't. Dave just nodded at him. At least it wasn't Pandora. There'd be time for being pissy at each other later, for now they needed to get done what needed to be done.

Dave grabbed their notepad quickly though, and scrawled down a quick greeting. Oh hi, Roland. Small fucking world, isn't it?

He motioned one of them to go get a move on with writing down whatever the hell the computer had on it, although he was fairly sure it'd been mistaken for spazzing around, or something dumb.

Then they found it.

Holy shit did they find it.

This was it, wasn't it? This was what they had been looking for, all along. They'd really taken a gamble, and shit had it paid off in the end. Dave scrawled what they found down on a sheet of paper, then rewrote it on another, and motioned for the others to write it down too. They needed as many copies of this as possible.

Dave stole back the blue-haired bitch's notepad.

Alright guys, we've got it. Now all we got to do is smash this thing up and get the fuck out of here.
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