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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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"Yeees, it's been while, hasn't it? I've missed you two so much," Clio whispered. Tabi couldn't see it, but Clio was smiling. She was right, wasn't she, huh? This girl was pathetic. What was the Russian brute still doing with her? Did he just need someone to protect? A blithering, sobbing ball to clean up after every time she soiled her underwear?

"Now, let's just wait until your friend comes back, okay? I might ask you, do you want to die first, or would you like to see him die? Cause you're both gonna die here, but I might give you a little liberty when it happens. That's pretty nice of me, isn't it?" Clio paused. A brief moment later, she pushed each gun harder on reflex as she saw Ivan.

"Hello Ivan. You should probably get your friend here a guard dog or something, this was way too easy," Clio said, keeping her eyes trained on both Ivan and the large shotgun in his hands.

She let him have his little frustrated speech, since he deserved that much. Some last words wouldn't go astray too. But as he finished, something about "a real killer" she couldn't help but giggle.

"Ivan, you misread me. I'm not here for revenge, do you think I'm that petty? I couldn't give a fuck what you did to me four days ago, I'm just here to finish something that I started. I don't care about anything you just said. I'm not a monster, I'm just someone who wants to get home, and to do that-"

With that, Clio's foot jammed itself into the back of Tabi's knee, and forced her to the ground.

"-I need to remove each-"

The back of her hand pushed Tabi roughly to the side, onto the tile floor..

"-and every-"

Her recently reloaded Walther PPK aimed at Ivan.

"-one of you."

She didn't even get a bullet out before Ivan sprinted away, back up the stairs. She tried to aim and fire, but despite how slow he was, he was quickly out of sight. Clio was quick to follow him, even though her shoes weren't exactly made for running. She watched his figure dash away across the second floor, and Clio teared her way up the staircase.

"Give up, Ivan, you can't get the ju-"

Of course, Clio wasn't thinking straight. She forgot to take in her inability to see Ivan once he reached the next floor. She didn't think to be quiet in her ascent. She didn't even shut up, she kept on rambling like she was a Shakespearean character announcing his/her actions through soliloquy.

And Ivan got the jump on her.

She wasn't sure whether it was his arm or his gun that whacked her across the face, but granted how powerful his physique was, it wouldn't have made a clear difference. Clio stopped in her tracks, like a deer in the headlights, before the pain walloped down on her.

This all happened in a split second as she started to fall backwards.

Her eyes lit up as she realised what was about to happen. If this was how she died, if this was the end of Clio Gabriella, one of the top killers on the island, then it would suck, putting it lightly. Breaking her neck wasn't the way that anyone wanted to go, especially after taking a fall of all things. Clio reflexively grabbed out in front of her, trying to grasp onto something, the banister, the low roof, one of the empty frames on the wall.

Instead, she grabbed onto Ivan.
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