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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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Oh God, oh jeez, there were a lot of them, weren't there? Way too many. Considering Alice was the only one Vic had any faith in, they were vastly outnumbered, fighting-wise. This was Bounce's fault too. Maybe not the other group wandering in, Vic didn't think the Russian was some sort of super villain, but Alice risking her life once again. Maybe the shooting on the street before wasn't her direct fault either, but if they had just stuck together, it would never have happened. If the girl hadn't insisted they split up, they might have noticed Raidon before he shoot Alice. Maybe they'd have been long gone in the first place. Maybe...

Maybe she was just bitter that this wasn't the joyous reunion she had thought it would be. Or maybe she was jealous that Alice was risking her life for someone that wasn't, well, Vic. Or she would think that if it wasn't so stupid. Vic? Jealous? Of Bounce? It wasn't the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard, but it was up there. Bounce was scrawny, Vic was busty and leggy. Bounce was, admittedly, pretty cute, but Vic was smoking fuckin' hot. What was there to be jealous of? Even if you didn't want to say jealousy, Vic definitely felt a certain pang of something when she saw Alice step out into the open after one of the other group addressed Bounce.

Vic took the opportunity to edge deeper into cover, hoping the whole time that they didn't see her. She pulled the revolver from her belt and held it at her side, not aiming at anything in particular, just taking comfort in the fact she had something that might be able to keep hersel-no, no, something to keep Alice safe. At least none of them looked armed. That was something. Alice would say something tough and scare them off, and it would just be groovy.

Or Bounce would fuck everything up and run after Alice. Didn't that sort of defeat the purpose of Alice going out? Bounce, you fuckin' idiot! Vic felt a fresh flare of panic as she recognized a gun in one of the hands of the groups apparent leader. It looked liked Tim Questiare, but it didn't really matter, did it? She didn't need to know the guy for him to shoot Alice. Or, more importantly, Vic. At least one of the group was packing heat, what about the rest? The odds weren't great for more then one of the three to have a gun, but they were bad enough for her liking.

She had to stay and help Alice, didn't she? Alice, the girl that stood by her and believed in her and saved her. But what the hell would she be able to do with Alice's popgun? As much as she liked to think so, she wasn't fuckin' Clint Eastwood, she couldn't kill all three in time to save Alice. Fuck, if she took a shot at Tim, she'd probably miss, or worse yet, hit Alice. Where the hell did that leave her? Hiding on the street, praying something bad didn't happen? Or that Tim didn't kill her after he shoots Alice and Bounce? She couldn't do anything. She had to try, didn't she? She had to, had to do something.

Jesus, she had to run. Tim would kill Alice and Bounce and there wasn't anything Vic could do to stop it. There was no point in getting herself killed, right? Right? God, she was a coward. She was worthless despicable coward. With trembling hands, she dropped the two issued bags to the street and pulled of Alice's jacket. Ignoring the tears streaming down her cheeks was easy by comparison. With frantic and jerky movements, Vic dropped the jacket to the street corner. She couldn't take the jacket with her, she just couldn't. Taking the jacket would feel like she was robbing Alice, conveniently forgetting about the gun in her hand. It was bad enough that she was abando-leaving Alice, but she couldn't take her jacket.

With that, Vic grabbed the bags and ran. Away from Tim and his group, away from Bounce. Away from Alice.

((Victoria Logan, continued elsewhere...))
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