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Raine ran through the woods. She could hear Ridley call after her from behind, but she couldn't wait for him. A life could not wait for Ridley. A memory popped into her head of times where she tried to get Ridley to run with her, succeeding maybe half the time. She enjoyed those runs where they would stop at a cafe afterwards and cave into their sweet tooth cravings. A favorite of hers was always the strawberry shortcake. They would duel with their forks to see who would get the last strawberry, with Raine winning more than half the time because Ridley was a gentleman.

Her speargun was dropped to the ground. It weighed too heavy for her to be able to run effectively. Besides, she could just talk to her classmates right? They would understand and maybe they could survive together? What she saw though was the complete opposite. A boy was dominating a female classmate whose arm looked broken.

"Wha..." Raine's hand rested on her lips as her eyes widened and face paled. The boy was quick though. He was huge, meanacing and towered over her easily. His appearance was monstrous, dwarfing her with blood red eyes. Were they blood red eyes? Was Raine just that scared?


Raine wanted to cry just then and there. Her heart raced so fast and she wanted to cover her ears and fall to the ground. Before she could though, her voice found her mouth and she tried shouting out to Ridley.


The boy seized her blond locks and Raine tried to wrench away, her hands groping his body to dig her fingernails into them and scratch his skin. Her right foot kept kicking whether it hit the boy or hit solid air. Raine didn't know the boy's strength until everything she saw was just a big giant blur.

At one point in her life, Raine had been exposed to sandpaper. It was an interesting touch that she did not in the least like. It appeared smooth to her but was very rough to the touch. The bark of the tree was worse...much worse than that. Raine had never screamed so much in her life. Her hands reached for the tree, trying in vain to find a hold and to keep her face from dragging on further.

"RIDLEY!! RIDLEY!! AUGH!!" Raine screamed.

And screamed.



She screamed, choking sobs running down her cheeks. Her tears caused the wounds to intesify even more.




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