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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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It had all gone to hell so fast. First, one of the girls had made a very pointed, blunt statement which Colin was more than happy to oblige.

"We don't have anyone's bag and we're not looking for other people. Go your way and we'll go ours. Just leave us alone."

It was really fair enough. They didn't know him, he didn't know them, and he had no idea about the rest of his crew. Before he said a word, he glanced behind him. Tim was creeping closer, and Jacob looked almost stoic before the trio. The second girl on the ground had snatched something out of Bounce's hands, although from the glint and the shape he was almost certain it wasn't anything big enough to be a ranged weapon.

His head turned as he heard Tim speak. Really? We were not here first whatsoever. Bounce was here before we we-HOLY SHIT.

"Okay, then go your way. Leave. We were here first, so we're staying until you're gone. Got it?"

His mind instantly went into panic responses the moment he saw Tim's hand reaching back, retrieving a smooth, shiny black object and dangling it over the ground.

"What the fuck are you DOING?! Put that gun away!"

Shit, the girls weren't hostile at all. They wanted the trio to leave, and if they just had, then there wouldn't have been an incident. Why was that Gun out? Shit... Tim was Colin's best friend, he should really trust his judgment. But in this situation, for once, he just plain... didn't. This was a bad idea, end of story.

Jacob's soft speech was drowned out by his own panic at what the situation was unnecessarily escalating into. This really, really didn't need to happen.

"Alice! Alice get back here right now!"

The cry was shrill and pointed, and he glanced to the other two girls. His gaze was literally glued to them as he waited to their reaction. Frankly, he wouldn't be exactly surprised if they all died right here and now. Paranoia and despair were the number one enemies on this island, and hell, their group was the walking representation of at least one of them. No need to bring the other one into the mix.

The girl was sprinting towards the one with black hair. Alice.

"Maybe we should, uh.."

Suddenly, his blood was boiling. Tim's voice had trailed off, and Colin's head snapped to look directly at him. "Maybe we should what Tim? Do you have a plan for this?" His voice was stern, but not quite yet breaking that threshold to harsh just yet. The only reason he wasn't even more livid was that thought in the back of his head that he was just at fault for the atrocities on this island as any other person could be. Even the fact that he was angry right now made him a hell of a hypocrite. But he couldn't exactly help it. Taking a few steps back, his eyes flicked from Tim to the girls and then back again. He was absolutely powerless to do anything in this situation. He was unarmed, that Axe probably sitting in someone else's bag. Jacob was just as screwed, if not more-so. The kid didn't even have his bag, so a weapon wasn't exactly feasible.

Oh god fucking damn it, what do we do?

A tune popped up in his head, reminding him of days past and events that brought joy. One such brought him and Tim together. It was macabre, it was sick, and it fit the situation perfectly. Unlike the others that had pushed their ways into his mind over the past four... (or was it five?) days now, he let this tune stay.

Lazy lady... Had a baby girl. And the sweet sound it made... Oh-a-ohhh...
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